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2017 Award list

List of all the 2017 Award winners
2017 GVHPA Awards  banquet
1 20 yr service Sam Salmon
2 20 yr service Helen Chapel
3 35 yr service Munj Manhas
4 Spring A Playoff Tom Bligh
5 Spring A Playoff Larry Quigliotti
6 Spring B Playoff Melanie Taylor
7 Spring B Playoff Sharon Dunn
8 Memorial Dbls D Class Sharon Dunn
9 Memorial Dbls D Class Heather McArthur
10 Memorial Dbls C Class Clayton White
11 Memorial Dbls C Class Wei Xiao
12 Memorial Dbls B Class Jim Millar
13 Memorial Dbls B Class Bob McCauley
14 Memorial Dbls A Class Marlene Hargreaves
15 Memorial Dbls A Class Larry Cole
16 Memorial Dbls Champs Lynn Cousins
17 Memorial Dbls Champs Nick Nicholas
18 GVHPA  Mixed F Julien Cormier
19 GVHPA  Mixed E Jim Gallant
20 GVHPA  Mixed D Dedar Dillion
21 GVHPA  Mixed C Lynn Cousins
22 GVHPA  Mixed B Dick Stevens
23 GVHPA  Mixed A Bob McCauley
24 Saanich Open  Mens B Sante Michieln
25 Saanich Open  Mens A Tom Moffat
26 Saanich Open Womens B Louise Hamel
27 Saanich Open Womens A Wei Xiao
28 Saanich Open Womens AA Lindsay Hodgins
29 Saanich Open Elders E Jim Howard
30 Saanich Open Elders C Dedar Dillion
31 Saanich Open Elders B Colin Nicholson
32 Saanich Open Elders A Bob McCauley
33 Autumn Classic  Mixed A Lindsay Hodgins
34 Autumn Classic  Mixed B Ron Fleet
35 Autumn Classic  Mixed C Ron Dumont
36 Autumn Classic  Mixed D Dedar Dillion
37 Autumn Classic  Mixed E not gvhpa
38 Autumn Classic  Mixed F Sharon Dunn
39 Autumn Classic  Mixed G Jim Howard
40 League Champs Bob McCauley #7 
41 League Champs Wei Xiao Gaslight Heat Services
42 League Champs Ben MacMullan
43 League Champs Sheila Kolodziejak
44 League Champs Helen Chapel
45 League Champs Verna Lloyd
46 C Playoffs Colin Nicholson #1 
47 C Playoffs Jerry Crowe Griffiths & Jones Trucking
48 C Playoffs Maryse Atkinson
49 C Playoffs Dalton Moffat
50 C Playoffs Dick Stevens #5
51 C Playoffs Pat Stevens the Roost
52 C Playoffs Derek Thorpe
53 C Playoffs Regina Mederios
54 B Playoffs Larry Cole #6
55 B Playoffs Mel Smith Pacific Western Brewers
56 B Playoffs Julien Cormier
57 B Playoffs Wendy Johnson
58 A Playoffs Brenda Arnold #8
59 A Playoffs Dave Arnold Bayside  Press
60 A Playoffs Carolyn Johnson
61 A Playoffs Jackie Logue
62 E Singles Derek Thorpe
63 D Singles Sharon Dunn
64 C Singles Sharon Dunn
65 B Singles Dedar Dillion
66 A Singles Tom Moffat
67 AA Singles Bill Neargarth
68 D Doubles Claude Cliché
69 D Doubles Sharon Dunn
70 C Doubles Paul Desautels
71 C Doubles Betty Clarke
72 B Doubles Sante Michieln
73 B Doubles Heather McArthur
74 A Doubles Ron  Fleet
75 A Doubles Larry Cole
76 AA Doubles Colin Nicholson
77 AA Doubles Bill Neargarth
78 Hcp Event Dick Stevens
79 Ladies Most Ringers Wei Xiao 29
80 Mens 30ft  Most Ringers Bill Neargarth 33
81 Mens 40ft  Most Ringers Tom Moffat 29
82 Most Improved Wei Xiao
83 Player of the Year Sharon Dunn
84 Workhorse Award Louise Hamel