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Shooting for Twoonies

21 weeks to go till the Canadians start collecting twoonies.
Shooting for Twoonies

Shooting for Toonies

Grab a plastic shooter glass from the Clubhouse and start collecting twoonies.  Each glass holds 25 twoonies.  Or you can use a old film canister or pill bottle.   If 60 people collect 25 twoonies it adds up to $3000.00 . Its something everyone can do.  you can put in 1 twoonie a week and that gives you 21 till the Canadians, then just add 4 more.   Or carry it with you and when you run into a friend ask if they want to donate a twoonie to help raise money for the Canadian Championships.   Be creative.


Also we now have a GVHPA Jail.    At anytime Tom Moffat will invite you into the office (jail) and you can access phone email social media to raise $20. bail.   Once your bail is recorded you may leave.   You can collect all $20. off one person or say 4 people at $5.   Its a fun way to get others in on helping raise some money for our exciting Canadian Championships Aug 17-20