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Island Championship history and records

Check out all the winners of all the classes of the Island Championships History
Island Championship history and records

New Mens Plaque

Listed are all the winners of all the classes, Mens, Ladies, Elders and Juniors of the Island Championships. Most classes are complete but some have some missed winners.  But then some of the classes were not played in some years.

The Mens A class is the longest running class followed by Mens B and C .  Then Ladies classes were introduced followed by the Elders and Junior classes.


To view records go to the Stats page and click on Island Championsip History


New Trophy Plaques were made by Mike Thompson in 2012 and are now being stored at the Greater Victoria Horseshoe Pitching Association.   They are on the wall opposite the office.  The trophies will be put in a case and transported to the tournament each year, then winners will be engraved and then put up again on the walls of the Victoria Clubhouse.


Host clubs will be responsible for the cost of the engraving.


Check out the new boards and read through the rich history of horseshoe pitching on Vancouver Island. We had many great Champions and some great sportsmen and sportswomen to thank for this great tradition.